About Us

Yoga Joes are a collection of unique toys that combine the fun of toy soldiers with the health benefits of yoga. These figurines depict classic green army men, but instead of holding guns, they are holding yoga poses.


Created by Dan Abramson, Yoga Joes were born out of a desire to share the benefits of yoga with a wider audience. With a background in both yoga and product design, Dan saw an opportunity to make yoga more accessible and appealing to people who might not otherwise be interested.

The Yoga Joes collection includes a variety of poses, from the classic Downward Dog to the more advanced Headstand (Spherical Helmet Variation).

Each figure is made from durable, high-quality ABS plastic, the same material used to make plates and bowls, and is designed to withstand the wear and tear of playtime.

Overall, Yoga Joes are a unique and inspiring way to combine the joy of play with the benefits of yoga. Whether you're a yoga enthusiast, a toy collector, or just looking for a fun and meaningful military gift, Yoga Joes are sure to delight and inspire.